Sports massage involves the skill of manipulating the soft tissues of the body and isolating individual muscle groups using specific and specialised techniques including stroking, kneading and compressing.   The principal aims of sports massage are: 

The enhancement of a person’s physical performance 
The cure and prevention of injury 
The recovery from injury or strain 
Anyone taking part in regular physical activity, be it physical work, competitive sports or active leisure pursuits require regular soft tissue care to prevent injury. 
Sport Massage can, therefore enhance the physical, physiological and psychological well being. 

Physical/mechanical effects of Sports Massage: 

Mobilises muscle fibres 
Stretches soft tissues 
Loosens adhesions 
Improved blood and lymph circulation 
Improves flexibility 
Reduce swelling 
Relives muscle tension 

Physiological effects of Sport Massage: 

Increased blood circulation 
Increased lymph flow 
Promotes muscle relaxation 
Can help to improve the range of movement at joints 
Promotes healing 
Helps in the removal of waste products 
Reduces/relieves pain 

Psychological effects of Sports Massage: 

Reduces tension 
Reduces pain 
Mentally relaxing 
Prevent athlete for the challenge ahead 
Reduces anxiety 

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