Pregnancy is the most transforming experience for all women and your body by nature changes physiologically to such an extent that its quite common to suffer strong lower back pains, sciatica, pelvic and hips as weight distribution and bone, muscle and ligament structures modify. Many women also suffer oedema and swelling to hands and feet. 
Conventional massage types are not suitable when you are pregnant due to the softening of bones and the obvious bump growing! However, pre-natal massage by our fully qualification pregnancy masseurs will ensure that both you and your baby’s condition are safely and fully considered. 
A pregnancy massage will not only relieve your suffering, but your baby will also very much appreciate the relief from stress and tension as your structure, ligaments and muscles relax and your body floods with stimulating endorphins whilst increased circulation delivers more nutrition and oxygen to you both! 
Massage has been shown to prepare your body to relax for birth as quite simply if you are happy and feeling great your baby will be too! 

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