Deep Tissue Massage offers varying techniques to work with the underlying layers of the soft tissue of the body. 

Albeit the major muscles, ligaments and tendon structures of the body are very evident and treatable it is often the very deep minor muscles and nervous system that avoids conventional medicine because it ignores their very existence and consequences on your wellbeing. Indeed, without exercise to fulfil their purpose, our age and our constant posture compensation using larger muscles, the most important very inner infrastructure of our bodies can become immobile and cause constant repercussions with pain, discomfort and ongoing posture problems. 

The human body is an amazing mosaic if engineering, but common medical practices have unfortunately long forgotten our true physiological abilities. 

Skilful high-level understanding of the biology of human body structure provides opportunities to deploy techniques to massage deeply into your body and reinvigorate often long redundant muscle groups that have been isolated by your lifestyle. You would be somewhat amazed but simple and common complaints of flat feet, sciatica, tennis elbow, stiff neck, lower back pains, etc. are not due to an injury.  
The human body has muscle group and nerve structures that are incredibly complicated so it just might be that our professional masseurs need to wake up those deep-rooted muscle and nerve structures again! 
Might be you need stretching, dry cups, very deep massage or Thai manipulation techniques but for sure if you are suffering you should be assessed in the comfort of Massage Studios and alleviate yourself of these problems with a careful structure of treatment. 

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