How to lose your cellulite naturally 

Cellulite occurs due to an imbalance between the production and the breakdown of adipose tissue: local growth of fat cells occurs. As a result, blood and lymph circulation is disturbed, the skin loses its tone and becomes cosmetically flawed. Cellulite usually manifests itself in the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, generally at the sites of the greatest deposition of adipose tissue in women due to oestrogen dependent distribution. Irregularities appear on the skin in the form of tubercles and dimples of different sizes. The sensitivity of the skin in these places is reduced: it tans worse, it becomes cold to the touch and bruises appear easily. 
No matter how offensive it may sound, some people are indeed more prone to pronounced manifestation of cellulite, but to some extent every girl has cellulite after puberty. The effects of weight and its connection with oestrogen activity is a factor for most people, making cellulite a very common natural condition. 

Cellulite can be treated! 

Anticellulite massage isn't gentle, helps reduce the swelling in tissue and removes fat from cellulite cells. Special creams combined with oils are used to develop heat in local areas which when deployed with a professional Lymphatic Drainage massage will work away the visible skin imperfections. Cupping massage also be used in association to the treatment, if your skin is sensitive we would recommend a serious of treatments to see the best results but please come along to the Massage Clinic and we can assess your personal requirements and suggest a program of nutritional guides to assist the process. 

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